Campaign budgets and ad set budgets

You can set an overall budget for your campaign with Meta Advantage campaign budget (previously known as campaign budget optimization), or set individual budgets for your ad sets.
您可以使用 Meta Advantage 广告系列预算(以前称为广告系列预算优化)为广告系列设置总体预算,或为广告集设置单独预算。

  • Campaign budgets: All campaign budgets use Advantage campaign budget. This lets you set one overarching campaign budget that continuously distributes in real time to ad sets with the best opportunities. Campaign budgets can simplify campaign setup and reduce the number of budgets you have to manage manually. They help you get the most results possible from your campaign at the lowest cost, and work best if you’re flexible with how budget is spent across ad sets.
    营销活动预算:所有营销活动预算均使用 Advantage 营销活动预算。这使您可以设置一项总体广告系列预算,并持续实时分配到具有最佳机会的广告组。营销活动预算可以简化营销活动设置并减少您必须手动管理的预算数量。它们可以帮助您以最低的成本从广告系列中获得最大的效果,如果您能够灵活地调整广告组的预算支出方式,它们的效果会最佳。
  • Ad set budgets: You may choose to set individual budgets for your ad sets if you want more control over delivery within specific ad sets. This can be useful if you have mixed optimization goals and bid strategies, or large differences in audience size between ad sets.

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